12 Best Vegan Designer Bags Of 2021 You Need To Know

Recent news concerning the launch of the Hermes mushroom leather bag is a good indicator of the growing reputation of vegan designer bags. You know one thing is about to shake up the style world when Hermes jumps on the development.

Wondering which designer bags bear the vegan tag? We have drawn up an inventory of a few of the best fully vegan designer handbag brands. We have also outlined some vegan options from a few of the major designers available in the market.

Below are some of the designer vegan bags we will be together with on this discourse:

* Luxtra
* Six Realms
* Jill Milan
* Stella Mccartney
* Alkeme Atelier
* Svala
* Telfar
* Watson & Wolfe
* Mashu
* Nanushka
* Angela Roi

1. Luxtra

Features: Sustainable Materials, Fully vegan.

Best: Zaha apple leather vegan purse

Luxtra is brief for “Luxury Transformed. The firm prides themselves on their ability to create designer purses from such sustainable and innovative materials as cactus leather, Pineapple leather, apple leather and mango leather which is produced from waste coming out of the meals industry.

The Zaha bag is the most effective of the Luxtra bunch. You can wear this accent either as a crossbody bag or as a belt. This makes it simple to segue between running daily errands and stepping out in style. The materials used in the production of the Zaha bag embody eco-friendly apple leather and waterproof Italian Vegan leather. It has an inside compartment that can match the largest iPhone. It is available in completely different shades, including pink.

You can get yourself Luxtra’s Silver Pinatex Crossbody bag if you are seeking to add extra spice to your outfit.

2. Six Realms

Features: unique and unlimited designs. Fully vegan

Best: Satori Moon

Six Realms create limited-edition bags. The incontrovertible reality that they’re solely making ninety nine items of every shade of the Satori moon bag provides you a clue to what we’re saying.

Their production course of is akin to an artisan’s. This means they solely produce limited-edition items.

The satori moon bag is handcrafted in Spain and is made out of Italian vegan leather. The metal frame that goes into the design is produced domestically in Canada. The bag sports an appealing design. There is a floating quality to the bag. Looking on the picture, I marvel how they managed to offer it that floating quality.

If you need a bag that is unique and grabs consideration, get Satori Moon.

three. Jill Milan

Features: Handmade in Italy. Fully Vegan

Best: Art Deco Clutch

Jill Fraser and her partner Milan Lazich began the company in 2010. The firm was borne out of their years of irritating search for classic vegan handbags.

All of Jill Milan’s bags are fully handmade; the bags are hand-sewn whereas the metallic hardware is handmade. All of their products are produced in Italy in an atelier that can boast of making luxury bags over many generations.

Jill Milan creates classic designs which are carefully made and plenty of their products are very modern.

The beautiful Art Deco Clutch is the most effective from Jill Milan. It is handmade in Florence with Italian chrome steel. The Art Deco Clutch was voted “Most needed by W magazine. If you pair it with night put on, it’s going to give a pretty classy appearance.

4. Stella McCartney

Features: Vegan-friendly firm

Best: Falabella fold-over tote

Stella McCartney is arguably the largest mainstream designer who tries to maintain off leather. When you hear Stella McCartney, you hear vegan designer bags.

All of Stella McCartney’s merchandise usually are not vegan, some are made out of wool and silk. That however, the entire bags and shoes produced by the corporate are vegan. They are produced utilizing cruelty-free vegan leather. All of Stella McCartney’s vegan handbags naturally command hefty prices as a outcome of they’re made with a combination of fantastic craftsmanship, luxury, and vegan consciousness.

The better of the Stella McCartney bags is the enduring Falabella bag. It is a shoulder bag that gained the classic tag in a short time and has been sported on the shoulders of celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, and others.

Falabella is a vegan bag produced with vegan leather with a lining manufactured from recycled polyester. It sports activities the Stella McCartney signature diamond-cut chain strap. You will find several variants of the Falabella vegan tote bag however we fell fully in love with the fold-over tote which you’ll both wear as a tote bag or a vegan leather clutch.

5. Alkeme Atelier

Features: Fully Vegan. Materials are sustainable.

Best: Water Moon Satchel

Alkeme Atelier designs luxury bags that are both lovely and fully healthy for the planet. They produce their vegan leather designer bags utilizing eco-friendly faux leather including bamboo, grape leather (this is produced with waste from the wine industry), and cactus leather.

Alkeme Atelier even produces their very own leather, Alkeme vegan fiber which is produced with 70% recycled materials. It weighs a third of what actual leather would weigh and is scratch and waterproof.

The best from Alkeme Atelier is the Water Moon Satchel. This bag sports an appealing fan design with gold-toned round handles. It comes with a zipper closure and a helpful interior pocket. You will find this in eight totally different colours together with yellow!

6. Svala

Features: Fully Vegan made in LA bags

Best Choice: Didi clutch in cream python

Svala’s cruelty-free designer bags are made using European vegan supplies. They produce in Los Angeles and ensure that all staff receive honest remedy. They produce classic vegan purses which are unlikely to exit of fashion. All of these are made with cotton and recycled polyester lining.

The best of the Svala bunch for us is the Didi clutch in a python vegan leather bag. You can use this either as a shoulder bag or a clutch due to the presence of a detachable strap. It comes with an inside pocket where you probably can retailer your IDs and other playing cards. The designer comes with hidden magnetic closure.

7. Telfar

Features: vegan Products

The Guardian has compared Telfar’s vegan leather shopper to the “it” bag of the decade. Telfar is a black-owned, unisex fashion house. The Liberian-American designer, Telfar Clemens said the aim of creating the vegan shopper is “genderless, democratic ad transformative.”

Telfar’s vegan leather shopper is designed utilizing the scale of a purchasing bag, more particularly, Bloomingdale. It comes with a lot of handles and straps which makes it easy to hold anything. The description on the strapline completely describes the bag as “the on an everyday basis bag for everybody.” It is made out of vegan leather.

eight. Watson & Wolfe

Features: Fully Vegan

Best: Maddox vegan leather tote

Watson & Wolfe produce classic-styled non-leather designer bags. Anyone who has ever desired a high-end vegan bag that may remain perpetually in type, whereas mixing with just about any outfit, will find Watson & Wolfe very appealing.

The best from Watson & Wolfe is the Maddox tote, particularly the black one with cobalt blue accents. Its measurement is perfect for a piece bag as a end result of it can take a 15-inch laptop computer. The leather utilized in its production is premium Italian vegan leather. The cloth lining on the Maddox tote is made out of recycled plastic bottles. It comes with an exterior slip pocket and an inside zippered pocket.

9. Mashu

Features: Fully Vegan

Best: Cassiopeia cork and white

Mashu handbags are cruelty-free and handcrafted in Greece. They use one hundred pc eco-friendly materials to supply their vegan designer bags.

The best from Mashu is their newest masterpiece, created through the lockdown. The Cassiopeia cork and white, which could be very sustainable is produced from cork and cactus leather. The Mashu vegan suede lining on this bag is made out of reused plastic bottles in addition to recycled polyester. The bag’s handle is exclusive, the design is inspired by the shapes of the pure world. It additionally has a removable inside zippered pouch that may conveniently hold your valuables. It additionally offers a detachable crossbody strap.


Features: Vegan Company

THEMOIRe prides itself on its capacity to produce vegan designer bags using eco-friendly strategies. To keep their commitment to the planet’s survival, THEMOIRe vegetation a tree for every bag they promote. They are revolutionary of their use of materials as exemplified of their use of paper in making the Bios paper bag.

The best from THEMOIRe is the Bios gold cork bag. Cork bushes are low input timber since they don’t need a lot water or fertilizer which makes cork a very eco-friendly option particularly since it can be harvested with zero damage to the tree. The Bios bag comes in an appealing gold colour and would serve perfectly when paired with evening wear.

eleven. Nanushka

Main Features: Vegan merchandise

Nanushka has been producing leather luxury bags since its inception. Added to their assortment of luxury bags are leather trousers and attire.

Many folks will love their Anja Baguette ruched bag and the deep purple Trapeze.

12. Angela Roi

Main Features: Fully Vegan

Best: Cher tote

Angela Roi is a company that helps you keep your type while keeping your values.

They offer the Cher tote bag which is a timeless tote bag in black pebble surfaced vegan leather. It has an interior zippered pocket and a magnetic closure.

You can pair the Cher tote with any outfit, whether or not you’re going to work or an informal outing.